Weight Loss And The Goldilocks Effect

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What you can learn from a fairy tale, three bears and a little girl with long blond hair about your weight and health?

Three Tips On Weight Loss From Goldilocks

1. You go into experiment mode (4.55 mins)

This is where you realise that we are all different so you have to tune into your own unique needs.

2. Just Right is a trial and error process (6.00 mins)
Don’t expect to find your sweet spot straight off.

3. This is a dynamic not static process (6.55 mins)

You have to be able to adapt according to various life stages and changes: age, holidays, injury, emotional upsets, different climates – they all impact.

What did you think about the Goldilocks Effect and weight loss – did you find this analogy helpful? Please tell us in the comments below.

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